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Below is a full monthly calendar with a full roster of dates available to be chosen. you can only chose dates at least 24 Hours in advance.


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There are specific times listed for your cleaning to take place, please ensure you have chosen one of the available time slots


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Your appointment is very important to us. We normally approve or decline bookings within 1 hour of receiving the request.

May 2022

Need Something Else?

Eco-Fresh are the always on hand to provide assistance wherever you may need it. Please fill out our enquiry form if you would like to speak with a member of our team about something.

Things to Remember

Minimum Bookable Hours

Minimum amount of hours bookable is 2 via the website

Bulk Booking Now Available

Book Multiple Appointments via the System

Bespoke & Tailored Services

Tailored packages if you prefer an alternative to a standard clean.

24 Hr Cancellation Policy

No bookings can be cancelled in under 24 Hours notice. (Incurs a £10 charge)