About Us


About Us

Eco-Fresh was established in 2018 by its founder, Khaiyo Powell. Khaiyo is a passionate entrepreneur determined in providing exceptional cleaning services to his clients and, whenever possible, using products proven to be more ecologically neutral and less harmful than many of the mainstream chemical-based products whilst being just as effective. Khaiyo was also instrumental in the Company’s implementation of its environmental policy which includes the option for domestic clients to subscribe to a £10 per month subscription for the provision of reusable bottles/dispensers and their ongoing replenishment during the subscription period. Every effort has been made to ensure a more environmentally-friendly service, even down to the use of bio-degradable protective gloves – especially in reducing the amount of waste products ending up in landfill.


Khaiyo quickly developed his client base, predominantly through personal recommendations and word-of-mouth. His attention to detail, expertise, respectful nature, and reliability all played important roles in earning the loyalty and trust of his clients. The challenge Kai faced was how could he grow his company, employing a team of people who would be ‘As passionate’; ‘As knowledgeable’; ‘As respectful’; ‘As trustworthy’.

With the experience attained in his journey and through listening to his clients’ feedback regarding their needs and expectations he decided to create a set of detailed and robust training guides and policy documents. Making good use of the free time caused by the covid lockdowns, Kai perfected these schedules, developed a training course for new team members, and even launched this website!


We pride ourselves on being honest and having strong moral principles; doing things the right way.

Customer excellence

We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service to be able to consistently manage and meet our clients’ expectations.

Cost Conscious

We aim to provide our clients with affordable prices. Everyone deserves a clean and beautiful home they can be proud of.

Environmentally Aware

We strive to be the forerunners of environmentally friendly cleaning to have a significant and long-lasting impact for future generations.


Who we are

Eco-Fresh is a residential and commercial cleaning company that has a passion for environmentally friendly cleaning, we truly care about meeting your environmental needs and as the name suggests we only use solutions that are kind to the environment – which is at the core of our business philosophy.

Vision and mission

The original Eco-friendly cleaning company in San Francisco

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Our superteam

Our dedicated team ready to do our best services

We here at Eco-Fresh believe in innovation and excellence, here are some of the faces that are an integral part of our ever expanding business that we feel you should familiarise yourself with.

Khaiyo Powell Founder
Gemma Alicia Long HR